Exploring Osman Hamdi Bey's World: A Journey Into The World of Osman Hamdi Bey

"Step into the world of Osman Hamdi Bey through immersive VR. Explore his mansion, unravel 'The Tortoise Trainer,' and delve into Ottoman aristocracy."

Osman Hamdi Bey, Talat Alkan, Taha Alkan, Pera Museum
Osman Hamdi Bey's Masion at Kuruçeşme, 1899. Credit Muse VR

Explore the life and artistry of Osman Hamdi Bey, a titan of Ottoman art history, through an immersive VR experience crafted by Muse VR in collaboration with Pera Museum Istanbul. Step into the distinguished artist's mansion in Kuruçeşme, meticulously recreated to offer a glimpse into the daily life of Ottoman aristocracy along the Bosphorus.

Discover Osman Hamdi Bey
Learn about the multifaceted persona of Osman Hamdi Bey, from his contributions as a statesman and intellectual to his enduring legacy as an artist. Dive into the rich history of the late Ottoman Empire and the cultural milieu that shaped Osman Hamdi Bey's artistic vision.

Unraveling "The Tortoise Trainer
Delve into the iconic painting "The Tortoise Trainer" and uncover the intricate details that inspired Osman Hamdi Bey's masterpiece. Interact with clues strategically placed throughout the VR space to gain insights into the artist's creative process and the dynamics depicted in the artwork.

Immersive Exploration:
Engage with interactive elements scattered throughout the virtual mansion, from authentic artifacts to personal mementos sourced from Osman Hamdi Bey's family. Experience the convergence of art, history, and technology as you navigate the VR space and uncover hidden stories behind the artist's works.

Embark on a Journey:
Prepare to be transported back in time as you step into the mesmerizing realm of "The Tortoise Trainer." Let the immersive VR experience guide you through Osman Hamdi Bey's world, offering a unique perspective on his life and artistic legacy.

Join Us:
Join us on this captivating journey where art comes to life through the immersive power of virtual reality. Experience the legacy of Osman Hamdi Bey in a whole new light, as Muse VR invites you to explore the intersection of art, history, and technology.

A Journey Into The World of Osman Hamdi Bey

This VR Experience is open since May, 2019, in Pera Museum, Istanbul.